AHS: Violet - sometimes dead is better.


These are just remnants of what I'd like to call my half-assed attempt at celebrating 22nd March. And taking the tardiness of the entry into consideration, I'll just play deaf to your snorting. 

Last row dedicated to me, myself, and I. Yes, despite all the kicks and punches from reality your majesty, Tao still holds Akame dear to her heart. Fuck her life, obviously.

Warning: Kame-centric!


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Introduction & Affiliates.

toriyakiis new graphic community of yuki_mimonand blackfrog66, who both love eating.
Our fandoms are Johnny's Entertainment, manga/anime, several us/uk singers/actors/actresses/movies... If you're interested in what we make, join for more updates. Entries will be member-locked after 4 days.

Affiliates / If you want to affiliate with toriyaki, leave a comment here with 3 of your icons. Comments mostly are screened, make sure your notification is on ♥ I'll reply asap =)

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